Girl Shitting On Didldo

Boxing Shits

Time for humiliation by a fit strong girl….you are my little weak loser who needs to be taught a lesson. Mark my word you will clean my super dirty ass even if I have to order you!

Swallow My Spit And Pee P3

The next toilet slave is now ordered under the toilet seat. Lady Angie have to pee more and the slave swallows. After that Lady Grace take a seat on this toilet and pees. For Lady Grace it does not matter what human toilet is there, the main thing is that his mouth is open. Then Lady Katharina must pee and pees in both slaves mouths. Also both slaves have to swallow their piss out of her pumps.

Negligee Shitting

Sexy and elegant – still in my night gown, I am making these sweet little peaces just before your eyes – nearly pralines.But first I tease you with my sexy legs, bringing you into the mood for what is awaiting you. Though it is not so much and not so hard, I have to struggle a little bit – the little sausages don’t want to leave their cosy home willingly. So a little moaning and groaning is neccessary… have fun! 🙂