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Licking Her Boyfriends Toilet Clean (real Player, High Definition, 1280x720px)

Extreme humiliation is one of Cathy’s main and also favorite ability. She has always new ides to degrade you. In this clip she breaks every limit because she wants you to lick her boyfriends toilet clean. She talks right to you and makes you follow her instructions very well. She shows you every spot on the dirty toilet and demands your slubby tongue to lick up the mess. After you have been a good boy you may swallow all those nasty stuff to give her a good reason to laugh at you.

Horny Big Sausage For Scatboy

I must again push out a big sausage. Scatboy is lucky because he gets sent to this fine specimen immediately. Watch me as I push them out. But the rest just will not fall off, I shake it off and the last piece I’ll take off with the fingers;) Finally, of course, you learn how long it is. Gina kisses