Girl Shitting Poop

Male Human Toilet Eats Feces!

A woman entered the comfort room of an establishment because her stomach isn’t feeling too well, but what greeted her is the sight of a naked man strapped to what seemed to be a toilet seat! She has no idea what is going on but the guy tells her his purpose! Apparently, he is a human toilet and she can use him! She is hesitant at first but it doesn’t take long before she finally decides to sit on top of him and release a huge stream of semi-wet feces! It directly lands on top of his mouth and he is fast to make everything disappear by chewing and swallowing! The lady then leaves as if nothing unusual happened! Shortly after, a different sweetheart enters and the same scenario ensues, only this time, she releases a much larger poop than the earlier woman!

Shit In Vacation P3

The toilet slave must lick the feet of Lady Angie clean before she shits a huge pile of shit in his mouth.

Atziri Insists On Toilet Slave

Atziri likes to use Guys to poop into them and here she shows it, with english Subtitles