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Toilet Time 52 – 53

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Smoking Redd’s Gassy Ass Farts, Sharts, And Explosions!!!

Smoking Redd is back with three Great new explosive clips!! I swear this sexy lil mama really has some of the gassiest, nastiest ass blasts around!! Enjoy in the first clip as she squats over the bowl, making a mess on the seat before having to sit down to finish releasing the rest of her runny dump. Then she has another shartastic dump in the second scene (with lots of pee as well). In the finale, she save the best for last, unleashing a nice gassy log filled dump! She apparently had been backed up for three days prior to releasing this load! Enjoy as she talks about it as well. Three more excellent FUNKY Loads from Smoking Redd!!

Amateur Chick Shits Near The Railway

Amateur chick shits near the railway

Perverted Abpissen On The Highway

When a car is the break I got really piss high heaven and I did not let me take to the highway abzupissen frivolous in tattered jeans