Girl Shittinr Her Self

Orgasmic Pee!

A new game for me today! With my white pantyhose I’m on the floor in relax. I want to try a new pee game! So I bring my hitachi and oh my god… It’s so painful resist… I need to pee… but I don’t want to go to the toilet! What a great pee in my white pantyhose… You can see it very up close… Now all my pussy and my pantyhose are so wet… It’s the time for a powerful, great clitorid orgasm! I scream so much for the pleasure! You must to see it!

For Students To Pass, They Must Drink Teacher’s Piss!

Being a teacher of one of the hardest subjects in this school, this woman frequently receives visitors in her office of students begging for her to make them pass. She is so used to it that she learns to take advantage of it! In this scenario, see the lady receive two unexpected visits during two different periods from different male students. What she does with the first is she makes him strip off his clothes and gets him to lie down on the floor! After which, she uses a makeshift funnel and secures it on the guy’s lips, preventing wasting even a single drop of piss as she urinates into his mouth! What she does with the other student is the same, only that she doesn’t use the funnel and messily pisses all over his head!

My Sweet-girlfriend Natalia Pissed Into The Mouth!

My girlfriend NataliaPearl is also as piss-addict as I am. And because I had to piss uncanny and she had thirst for horny women piss, I pissed her my delicious piss, directly from the source, in her sweet mouth. It was such a lot and with so much pressure that she did not get any more air and cough. The piss that landed on her body and on her sweet pussy, I then licked from her body and from her pussy!

‘peeing In Red Jeans And On Myself’

I first pee in my red jeans. Then I wet my bra and top and put them back on. I also pee on myself with the same acrobatics as in the video where I peed over my face. I soak up the pee with my socks and pants and I lie down in it. In the end I pee some more through my pants. My pants get very wet and I was quite horny and excited after making the video so I made another video right away. Enjoy!