Girl Sits In Shit

Scat In Kitchen Sink

Today shit show I was doing in the kitchen sink. I think you will appreciate the original place to shit game

Change In Diet

With Miss Jane I set off a new slave for toilet service. Never before he was allowed to drink pee or eat shit. My first morning urine, I fill in a cup, also Miss Jane pisses in this cup so a nice Mixdrink from pee of us for the slave is ready. Before the slave is allowed to drink, Miss Jane shits on his skull and tells him to eat it all. Under some choking, he manages to swallow all the shit and piss.

14 Girls And A Floor Level Toilet Slave Part 15

In this Video we pushed our Toilet Slave to his Limits with 14 Girls. Even though he was sick afterwards, he did serve us well for the Movie. Ths is Part 15 with Yessy. English Subtitles