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Double Fed Will Saturate Better

Again, a slave had reported, who claimed to be able to consume a lot of fresh caviar. To test him, I invited my friend Rosella. Whether he manages to completely destroy the caviar of two ladies? See for yourself. At least he did not hit himself bad. 🙂

Sparkles Still Doing The Damn Thing!!

Sparkle is back with four Great clips! Two at home and two away. Enjoy as she puts on her usual ass shaking, booty smaking action before proceeding to Pee and drop logs from that sexy ass of hers!! Sparkle is one hotty I can never get tired of! Her body is seemingly getting better with time like a customer mentioned in one of her reviews!! Watching that ass shake and wiggle is an added bonus!!

Honey Brown (s)hitting It From The Back!!

Honey Brown is back in town!! Man she really gives you a ‘behind the scenes’ perspective in these three hot clips. Enjoy as she drops some serious logs in the bowl! She puts that sexy ass of hers right in front of the camera and lets loose. This athletic 43 year old is rivaled only by 23 year old Lil Stink for most fit hottie on this site! Nothing like watching a sexy ebony MILF handle buisness on the toilet! Enjoy as she gives you her usual commentary on what she ate and how she feels as well!

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