Girl Smears Shit In Shower

Standing On The Rim Of A Toilet

I was in a really weird mood last night; instead of sitting on the toilet the regular way, I decided to stand on the rim just to be different. I like to spread my fat butt when taking a dump; u will hear a heavy load go thump.

2 Mistresses, Fill 2 Slaves With Piss As Of!

Here I fill, along with my Mistress Girlfriend Anita, 2 slaves, piss as of! So mouth open, and enjoy our hot piss!

Huge Diarheea In Open Wide Mouth

Whenever Godess is ready to fill a slave mouth with Diarheea she have a human toilet for that at her place, under her ass !! This kind of life become everyday ritual for Godess because she will not going anymore into the casual toilet to relieve !!! And more thananything in the world, Godess is so hungry to do more kinks…..stay with us for more

You Want To Eat My Shit?

Well, you little bastard want to taste you my fresh shit? Go you look at the video nasty and is very close to it as I have shit in front of the camera