Girl Strangled And Pee

Gipsy Scat

Today I wear this beautiful Gipsy dress it’s a very sexy dress … and under one of my new huge diaper … I take off my dress so you can admire my explosive curves … and start pushing to pee inside … hot pee floods my big diaper … then I turn and push … I feel the shit fill it … then I take a glass dildo and I masturbate without taking the diaper away … do you like it? Now I take it off … here is a big asshole I was stuck to my ass … and that’s just what I want! I take it all in my mouth and start to suck it like it was your cock … follow my mouth .. You can’t stop me and while you’re about to come chew this big shit on my mouth … until it is cut into small pieces … Mmmm… what a great morning for me!

Huge Diarrhea Right Into His Mouth

I stand over my slave whipping its balls, spitting in its face and smiling at its discomfort. My legs and ass are shown to best effect in my new leather miniskirt and high heels. This is a maximally raunchy session. There is shit and there is shit. This is diarrhea and in my new, low-rider toilet seat, there is no escape for the slave. My asshole dominates its world as it fills the screen and rests on its mouth. I am sitting facing opposite my slave so My Pussy looms in even greater detail right above the pig’s eyes, reinstating the fact that it is not a man and can never be with a woman. The pig gazes at the unattainable beauty of my pussy lips while tonguing my asshole. Finally, the shit comes out and it is almost totally liquid as it streams into the pig’s mouth. I show no mercy as I order it to continue licking and my pussy starts to cream as the slave starts to gag. The liquid filth keeps coming through the whole video as I order the slave to keep licking. The sensation of a tongue going into the asshole as the shit comes out is one that every Goddess should experience and the slave should feel grateful that, though unable to bring pleasure to a woman as a man, it is able to pleasure her as an ASS LICKING TOILET pig. I tell the slave, “You look good with my shit on your face. Goodbye, pig.” And goodbye to you, too, pigs! I end the video with a closeup of my shit on its face and me laughing. Be sure to wait until you are staring at my shit before you let your cum spew from your tiny penises.

A Crass Big And Thick Sausage

This a one of the biggest shit sausages i can make……ahh,my Rosette have big work then comes the very big shitting on the table!! come and see a horny pooping,you Love this my Kv Lover

Lady Amy First Time Part2

Lady Amy must now urgently and pees into the mouth of the slave and then she craps into the mouth of the slave. Today the shit of Lady Amy is very soft and the mouth of the toilet slaves is completely filled up with the shit of Lady Amy. We amusing about the situation and a moment later, Lady Sandy bends over him and begins to shit a bunch directly over the shit from Lady Amy. Lady Grace shits too. Lady Grace is well known that she is ignore the slave feelings shits and without hesitation a new fresh bunch over the other two bunch of shit. And now eat it slave!