Girl Takes Diareaha Poop

The Girls Liked This Feeding Tool

The girls liked this feeding tool. They were glad that they did not see his face and it looked like a toilet – they could really relax and shit! Female discharge, urine and shit – through this device everything that came out of the girls got into the mouth of a slave!

Mistress Anna – Suck Shit From My Finger

After I just had shit, you have to lick my dirty asshole and suck my finger clean toilet slave ! This is your job ! You have to wait for me every morning with your mouth wide open and ready to take my waste ! This is your fate, you don’t have any rights, you are only a miserable human toilet slave !

Slave Training Femdom & Scatology Introduction! – Part 3

She goes to the next guy, sits on his face, and takes a dump right on it. She scatters the sticky shit all over him. She moves to the next slave and does the same to him.

Wc Husband By Mistress Isabella

210.2 This is the top of this story, a video full of dialogues in italian and full of cruelty, psicological cruelty. He speak a lot and i want to shut up, really it is my first time i pee and i poo all together withouth mercy. Yes, mercyless video. MP4