Girl Takes Enormous Shit

Filthy Pool Of Shit! – Part 3

Soon they all get out of their swimsuits and cavorted in the pool naked and filled with shit! The girls take turns sitting on the newbie’s face, teaching her how to show respect to the seniors!

Plastic Bag Challenge

Jessy ordered me to buy her new tights because she is going on a date.Yeahh but I have better idea.I’m cutting the crotch of her tights when she comes in.’Did you buy me tights? I must hurry up for my date’ ‘Oh,yes I did’ and I give them to her.’What’s that Danni’ There is a hole :O – She seems very mad but I’m trying to convince her that this is the new style and I bet her date will be more than amazing while she is wearing these tights without any underwear,especially for her boy.Before she sees that there are another tights,I manage to cut a hole on them too ‘Common put them on, i will put these and you will see what idea I have’ She looks excited about her date and she starts explaining who she is about to date ‘Whaaattt?25 years older than youuu?????I hope he likes poop fetishes ahaha’Then I grab two bags ,give her one,the bigger,yellow one.I’m trying to poop in the little one but nooo…it fells on the floor.Its so cool wearing crotchless tights and trying to poop .Then i grab the bigger onne and the relief comes ‘I know you haven’t pooped today,Jessy!Release yourself before dating your daddy’ Jessy likes my idea.Thanks god I have such a good girlfriend.She fills the bag than the fun comes… yummy!!!!

Shitting In Hot Outfit

For you I got me an extra outfit bought a new cam, but then I had to poop. Failure to Launch was not time, after all, wanted by two sausages outside the tight ass 😉