Girl Takes Huge Turd

Leona’s Scatfuck Session – Great Third Camera – Part 2

This is footage from the Third camera. Very good one.Hello people. This is Leona, you have seing my films made together with Matilda, and today we want to present you my personal scat movie.What you are going to see here today? Dry words. Vomit, Piss, Shitting, smearing, all kinds of sex including anal. Around 40 minutes of Pure Pleasure.Enjoy the show!Shit kisses to everybody.Leona

The Wanderer

Miss Jane and me meet a wanderer, who asks us for the way. Of course we have some fun with him and guide him to the wrong direction. In the end he gets pissed at and must eat my caviar.

Piss Drunk On The Balcony

Have I done something in this beautiful weather relaxing on the balcony and have a smoke. Then I got the piss and I piss in a glass of what I’ve let myself in the heat then taste right. If somebody has seen over the block?