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Pissing In The Bathtub ** Holiday Wangerland 2018 **

Fresh from the North Sea – Fresh from the beach I come to my apartment and my bubble presses without end. In the bathtub is already a little urine in the bathing trunks before I could take off her. Stopping the hot piss pushes even more on the bladder. Out of the pants and then pee nice on the hairy belly. Also, I wash down the sunscreen

Oxana Fart Tights Messy

Oxana is farting in her new tights till make them emssy of shit.

Mistress Roberta And Her Friend Using Toilet

Today you have a great combo between Mistress Roberta and her friend. First the toilet slaves arrived to Mistress Roberta friend and she use him to fisting his asshole and destroy his ass with her huge strapon ! After slave was destroyed, he was sent to Mistress Roberta, at her place ! Today she want to use his mouth for a nice leggings session, while he must clean, smell and suck her leggings. She also use him to fart in his face and mouth and use his ass to fuck it with a huge black dildo. At the end she must use him, of course, as a full human toilet. She pissing on his body and in his mouth and then she shitting a great Diarrhea into his face, nose and eyes. Mistress Roberta continue the degradation for the toilet, order him to chew her diarrhea and swallow it, meanwhile he must keep fucking his asshole with the huge dildo inside ! Soon more movies with Mistress MARGO !

Before I Go Outside

Before going out I take off my suit and shirt and wearing a pretty dress with high heels …. but …. miss my diaper ….. then … oh my god I lose my … p…. inside the diaper … but it’s too much for my diaper and all the p… is over my legs and over my carpet… well …. I’ll go out with my dirty diaper and all wet legs …