Girl Takes Monster Shit

Ass Licker Tongue

Are you ready АSS LICKER? Are you really ready to clean my asshole of every little bit of shit? First I will shit while you are cleaning my high heels. I will gag you with my shoes deep in your throw. And after I shit is your work. Prove to me you’re a toilet man worthy of the job of ass cleaner! And swallow my smelly diarrhea that fills your mouth!

Stool Shitting On Boytoy!

She and her boytoy are always up for new things, even eating piss and shit. They’ve done it so many times that they are now experimenting with furniture. Right now it’s a stool, and she’s sitting on it sans panties. He lies down under the stool, his mouth open to receive her crap. She focuses for a a couple of minutes and soon ejects chunks of shit, which falls right into his mouth. He savors each mouthful and waits for more crap.

Kinky Lesbians Mess With Food, Piss, And Shit – Full Movie

These bitches are so disgusting that they can mess with food, piss, and shit all at the same time! After crushing some food and smearing the mushy crumbs all over their bodies, they take turns shitting on the floor. They do the 69 afterwards so they can lick the shit off each others assholes. After smearing the shit all over their skin, they play with the dildo, taking turns sucking and fucking their holes with it.

Pissing Into Plumber’s Mouth

185.2 My dear, let you see my pee’s shower into the mouth of my plumber Romeo. This is my slave Coccorocco staing by me in Sardinia for 2 weeks 24/7 this summer 2014. I’m training him to drink and to eat everything. It is not simply, for dinking is ok but for eat…. see the next clip 185.3 ALL in MP4