Girl Taking Shit While Fucked

Sugar Hill’s Fuckin’ The Floor Up!!

Sugar Hill is back!! Well in clips at least. These are some older ones I have been sitting on a few months. ENjoy a nice mix of loosey goosey messes, nuggets, and phat logs!!! Enjoy as she spreads the Monsterous ass of hers and unleashes the fury in one particular scene!! What a fucking Mess!! She has really put a mark on that kitchen floor of hers!! Then in one scene, she perfectly recreated the Poop emoji!! It came in the perfect swirl and all. All that was missing was the eyes and smile!! lol!!

Games With Vegetables And Shit

Naked in my kitchen in high heels, I fucks my pussy with vegetables, I shit, I piss, I put a banana in my ass, I expluse this banana and I fingering my dirty asshole … I play with the mixture of shit, piss and mashed banana, I eat this mixture and spread over my bodys… I finished all dirty with my gaping asshole .. I masturbate and I have several orgasms.

The Final Scat-countdown (full Hd)

Please, don’t say that I never think about you! I was going to a pubblic toilet, when, suddenly, I decided to begin pissing and shitting in one of it. Then, in a low voice (only you can hear me) I began to order you to play with your cock. Are you able, at least, to jerk off? At one point I did the countdown: ten, nine, eight … at zero I filmed my shit! I wanted to make a game with you: can you explode at the right moment in which I show you the smelly fruits of my body?

Feeding Time

Mistress is treating her slave with some of her sweet golden shit. Slave is bound and obeys his Mistress’s every command as she instruct him to eat from her silver platter. She crushes her shitty discharge under the heels of her high heel boots before ordering her pathetic slave to clean her sole with his tongue.