Girl Taste Shit In Mouth

I Decided To Do It Again!

I decided to do it again! 3 months I did not eat female shit and now I decided to try again! I had some vomiting and swallowing seemed to me a hell, it was very difficult and disgusting, and yet this is just one girl – I thought at that moment. I realized – to be a cool toilet slave – you need constant practice! You can not serve as a toilet for 5-8 girls several times a year, it’s impossible. To serve several girls you need a constant practice – this should be a part of your life. Now I’m not used to it, but my previous record is 5 girls and I’m proud of it!

Long Stinky Turd

First, you will kiss and lick my dirty shoes and after that, you will lick my feet. You have to open your mouth and take my skin from my them. After you finish your job, there is one more task for you slave – be my SHITHOLE. I realise that I have to shit emergency and fortunately you are just in place to make this happen. This is going to be one long stinky turd haha .

Peeing On The Bathroom Rug

Peeing on the bathroom rug (JJ000139)