Girl Toilet Pissaction

Mistress Gaia – Come Closer Toilet Slave

Today I’m going to give you the privilage of kneeling before me, and having the luxury of being my personal toilet slave. I begin with you under my feet as you worship and lick my shoes. You then have lick my pantyhose feet as I shove them into your mouth. This is all part of the luxury I have allowed you. Being my insignificant slave is more than you deserve. As I remove my pantyhose to reveal my beautiful ass, you will keep your face so close you will be able to smell the beautiful aroma of my farts. As I taunt and tease you with my pussy, you begin to beg me for more. As I continue, I want you to enjoy everything I have to offer. Including my delightful juices. It’s time for your appetite to be filled, and I’m going to allow you to enjoy what I have to offer. You must open your mouth wide and receive my shit. Taking time to savour the taste before swallowing all. As a special treat, I will also allow you to enjoy some of my amber nectar. Once again you will open that mouth of yours and drink all of my piss. What a lucky filthy slut you are, to be able to enjoy the luxury of the delicious shit and pee of Mistress Gaia…

Bizarro Drink Everything

The evening at Spermageile-Rita, together with Bizarro in bed by her and made rum horny. hochzubekommen Tried Bizarro’s tail again as I the poorest with the zipper his best piece got jammed (OUCH) that were painful for him. Well, the show must go on they say and go on with bubbles fumble. Then I pissed Bizarro directly into his mouth, where he swallowed everything good boy. Very nice, he makes it and enjoys every drop of me. As well as Rita also drankommt and Bizarro also abbekommt the piss from her. Even as Bizarro drinking everything.

Hard Scat With Farts Pt.2

The Giant wants to have some fun, but really needs to go to the toilet. Sadly there is no toilet nearby, and the Giant don’t know what to do. But suddenly a doll comes walking by asking the Giant if there’s something it can help the Giant with. The Giant says he want’s to have some fun, but that he cant right now. I will help you with that, I will help you with anything says the Doll without asking what the problem is.Then without hesitation the Giant picks up the Doll, and place it on a chair, drops his clothes, and throw his BIG ASS down into the Dolls face. And without saying anything else he press as hard as he can, and dumps his shit right into the Dolls face.After the sweet shit has been crushed into the Dolls face, he FARTS out a ton of gas.All that gas that has been building up behind all that shit goes right into the Dolls face.

Cheeky Beauty With Pretty Face And Small Tits Pees

Katya is really a beauty! She has a warm and sexy smile and looks awesome! She likes to make fun of you – but also likes you peeping at her while she needs to pee! Starting with undressing she stands completely naked in the bathtub after a short time. Just look at her small tits and her sexy, cute body! But of course the best thing is the golden nectar leaving her spread pussy moments later…!