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Endless Shit Spiced With Corn Kernels (full Hd)

Today Melissa prepare you a meal in public toilet, a big meal with a preparation that seems endless, topped with corn and fragrant with the smell of farts. Eat all SLAVE OF SHIT!

Milf Ellie – Love

Ellie just woke up, bursting for both pee and poo. She start qith teasing, showing her ass wearing pink panty with the word love on it. She takes the panty off and sticks her finger in her ass, touching her poo that is ready to come out. She goes for a pee and then sticks her finger back inside her ass, this time she’s digg some nice pieces of shit. She then bend over the toilet and push out a big long brown turd. She gives a close-up of her shitty ass and sticks her finger inside her dirty hole. She shows her shitty finger and wipe it clean with a toiletpaper. Then a nice close-up of her poo and described what she has eaten last night….tags: big poo, shitting, pissing, dirtyass, shitty finger, shit digger, toiletpaper, sweet talk

Lady Luciana First Time – P3

The slave has to lick clean the plate. Lady Luciana does not have any other plan for the slave and whips the slave hard. The face of the slave distorted. This is what Lady Luciana likes to see from her slaves. So what are you waiting for, take contact with Lady Luciana and become a living toilet slave from her.