Girl Urgent Piss

Laura – Smears And Swallowing

Laura poops and then wipes the poop in her face and swallows them… Laura during swallowing sometimes chokes, burps but still swallows poop.That’s what real poop looks like… ? And Laura spreads and swallows really hard. If constantly it’s a liquid or averagely it’s a liquid consistence the this can be not real poop. And often scat models swallow not real poop! Sometimes they have to be hard sausages like in this video ? Then everything is real._________________Of course a lot of people fake shit to swallow…. But not us!Laura sometimes she burps when she swallows but still swallows because she enjoys extreme sports!Yes, Laura still can not swallow a lot but she is learning and will soon diligently eat two or even three servings of shit from two or more people!:) Follow Laura’s progress:) it’s even more interesting when you get to eat more and more with each subsequent video. She already makes big SIPS of shit:) to replenish the collection on the topic of eating shit – it will be an interesting selection.

Mia The Most Beautiful Girl In Our Studio

The smart Princess Mia again wants to play with her slave-loser. He is already ready, lies on the floor, bound and can not resist at all. He is very ashamed and feels unpleasant, but he suffers, otherwise Mia will cruelly beat him for disobedience. Princess first spits on his face, then feeds her insignificant pig with her shit, while smiling and laughing at him. Then she dresses, sits down again and starts sucking and licking the dildo (or phallus) and watering this sleazeball with her tasty white saliva. Then she takes a close-up of a dirty face of this pig.

Mistress Anita Bdsm And Toilet Play

Mistress Anita doing more videos in a raw ! Today she is back with a bdsm movie and toilet shit eating and piss drinking. She fuck her toilet asshole today with a strapon and toys and she love to humiliate him and face sitting him. She shit directly when she stand on his mouth and slave was not allowed to spit, only swallow her kaviar.

Nanny Scats For Cash!

You wanna make extra cash, he asks. The nanny says yes because it’s easy money and she has nothing to lose. So she takes off her clothes, thankful that she’s wearing pretty undies today. She sits on the sofa and spreads her legs, giving him the view that he demands. After fiddling with her cunt, she squats above a plastic pan and slowly unloads chunks of shit on it. After wiping her ass with tissue paper, she picks up the pan and smells it. Using chopsticks, she tastes her own shit, to his satisfaction. He will give her extra tip for that, he promises.