Girl Using Shit As Makeup

Shit And Piss For Lunch

My slave is very hungry, and I cannot pass this opportunity to give him a piece of my fresh baked shit. Quite frankly it was more than a piece.. It was really a loooot! Needless to say I tell him to eat my gifts.But he is thirsty, so I get a glass, and I piss in it, so now he has the best of both worlds to enjoy for lunch.While he eat and drink, I make sure to humiliate him from the couch!

Michelle Schoolgirl Shit

(HD) BBW Mature gal Michelle is dressed in white socks and a mini skirt. She lifts her skirt bends over and pulls her cheeks apart as she drops a juicy shit on the floor

Yellow Shorts Wee

Wetting my favourite hot pant shorts, yellow shorts for yellow wee!

Mistress Gaia Nutella

I go crazy for Nutella, I confess! Also, do not you, slave of shit? So take advantage, dive in, filled up, eat up to much throttle you! This is a special Nutella, it’s your favorite. ‘What would life be without Nutella?’ And that your life would be without my shit?!