Girl Young Pee

Not A Spe11gebiet Erotik. Part 4

This was the firsttime of Methanny – first scat and first threesome orgy, first lesbian experience so she needed to be relaxed. Which took a while.But than fire has burned in complete and insane way. Meth gave up herself completely to everything what we were doing with her and asked for more.So if you want to see how usual women turn into crazy scat sluts this video is deffinately for you in all its madness which you are going to see here.There were so many scat from asses that we even almost didn’t use scat bags. So every brown matter in front of your eyes is fresh, warm and right from the asses.There were so many scat that we even didn’t need to mix it with enema and vomit this time. But we did as you are going to see very soon.Enjoy.

Eat My Perfect Arse, Worm!

I want you down on your knees behind me and watch as I spread my cheeks. Let’s get it, kiss my butthole, babe, taste my shit and take it. I love your enthusiasm for my arse, and how badly you want all that shit in there! ? Lay down beneath me, babe, I wanna give you the real treat… You lay down on your back and I squat over you. As my butthole opens you feel my shit with your tongue… mmm, that’s right, babe, suck my shit out of my ass! God, I fucking love when shit fall in into your throat! I shit my load onto your face, your mouth gaping open to eat it all!

Smother In My Shit

I washed in the shower, and I longed to defecate. By the way, in the bathroom was an empty toilet. I told him to lie down so that I was comfortable shitting in the mouth. I had a lot of shit. You will see from different angles successful my sexy ass. You want to be on the place of my slave? In this video especially for my slaves I shot my long sticky turd. They are really big.

Malaysia’s Logging Company!!

Malaysia is fast becoming a favorite Child of mine!! Each clip she sends me is a Certified Plop Classic!! This Sexy Thin Blasian Persuasion was up to her usual shit storm! Enjoy as she was bringing the wood ? dropping those big lumberjack turds she is now known for! As she only shits every 2-3 days, she packs a nice wallop in every scene!! Seemingly and endless supply of snakes, logs and phat nuggets falling out that cute ass of hers! Malaysia is a Must Watch for you fans of Big things coming out of Lilttle Women!!