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‘shy, Female State Clerk Very Desperate In Your Apartment, Wets Herself, Pantyhose And Skirt, On Your Couch And Your Floor, Cute Effort To Cover It Up’

*Knock Knock* Hello? You said I could come in, right? This is actually a very important visit.. I come from the state. I have some questions about this building. We received an anonymous tip that too many people are living here. It’s important for us to find out exactly how many people live here for your own safety. So I’ll ask you some important questions.You see the state clerk in high heels, black sheer pantyhose, long black skirt, white blouse and black blazer. Earrings, red lipstick ad perfectly boring hair make her appear exactly as you would imagine a female state clerk in that position.She seems pretty neutral. Not very friendly, not intrusive. Actually pretty shy if you look closely. Now that you are looking closely.. why is she coming across so nervous? Is this her first time entering an apartment?Now she’s asking how many toilets are in the building. She only got 1 on her sheet. Only one? Okay, she wants to have a close look at it. She tells you that she’ll go there by herself, but you tell her that the toilet is actually broken, but someone should come fix it.She wants to have a look if it’s fixed already, but you tell her that the call to the landlord has not been made yet. A little more nervous now, she wants to quickly go on with her questions upon hearing about the broken toilet..Now her behavior gets a little suspicious. She should not be so nervous. After all, she had been in your apartment for a while now. Her movements remind you of something..Oh! Now you know! She needs to use the toilet!! She is desperate to pee, she is almost bursting to relief herself! Now this explains a lot.. now you watch her. It’s actually cute how she is officially from the state, so obvious crotch grabbing and too much squirming is not allowed. She tries her best to pee dance without being too obvious about it.As this becomes more and more difficult, she asks to use your couch to sit down. You don’t mind and she sits down with an embarrassing sound. She says it was the couch, but you are not so sure about that..She crosses her legs back and forth, bounces her legs and when time passes, she has to open her legs and do a full emergency crotch grab right before your eyes. She quickly closes her legs on top of her hand, saying that she is sorry for her behavior.She wants to go on questioning you but then it happens. She uses her big sheet of paper to hide her legs and crotch area from you and moans silently with discomfort. Now she puts the paper in front of her face and pulls her leg slightly up. You can’t see her embarrassed face anymore, but what you do see is that her skirt appears to be soaking wet at the back.. the part that’s resting on YOUR couch.She is wetting herself on your couch! Now she tells you that she needs a copy of your contract. She offers to take it with her and go make a copy, but you suggest she stays and you make the copy yourself. She agrees. When you leave (the camera actually stays on) she get’s up and realizes she made a big stain on your couch.You ask from the other room if she wants something to drink, but she says she is fine. We see her cover the stain with her big questionnaire sheet as she stands up and stays next to the couch. Her hand deeply buried in her crotch now, she is obviously trying to hold on. In case of more pee coming out, she abandoned your couch.We hear a dribbling on your floor.. she is saying that she needs to make a call. She’ll be right back. Leaving the apartment, you see how very wet her pantyhose and skirt are at the back. She really burst there. After a short while she comes back, her phone probably had no signal or battery. You are still busy at the other room while we see what she is doing now.She is trying to dry her pee. Using her blazer to wipe the floor, then she lays down on the couch with her blouse to have the pee sucked out of the upholstery and into her blouse. She seems to be a little successful, as the pee has also soaked into the couch a little. But she notices that it smells really obviously.Trying to make the best of it, she pulls herself together, puts on the blazer, sits back on the coch – and now our shy state clerk has an idea. Those women from TV always use their cleavage. Although she only has small breasts and no idea how to use that on a man, she is desperate for a distraction. So she unbuttons her blouse. Inexperienced, she unbuttons pretty far down.. you can actually see the full inner rounding of her breast, she barely manages to hide her belly button. She mumbles to herself that she at least does not need to pee anymore, which is about the best thing about her otherwise pretty uncomfortable situationYou come back and she wonders about the long contract you copied, but little do you know that she can be glad it took you so long. She concludes that she is nearly finished, just one more question and then she hopes that she won’t have to come back. Upon leaving, she comes close to you, slides her hand into her blazer to emphasize her open blouse and uses your moment of distraction to leave so fast that you don’t even know what happened.Now that she is gone, you know why she hoped to never come back, as you see the stain on your couch.

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