Girlfriend Anal Pissa

Mistress Parvati Humiliating The Toilet Slave

The perverted slave of Mistress Parvati, that likes to jerk off 5-6 times/day, is punished to deny his orgasm. In the first scene, you will see the first task of Miss Parvati : he has to dress in stockings, jerk off but stop before the cumming and abstain himself from jerking off until he meets his Goddess. In the second scene, The Mistress is dressed in black corset, a pair of pink thongs and nude pantyhose and has a round, firm ass that the slave adores and worships. Now you will see how the Mistress is humiliating her slave by pissing through her pantyhose and thongs, on his penis and after, making him drink her golden nectar while she is facesitting him. The scene ends with the slave sipping all the nectar from the floor, than he has to leave the room while walking like a dog and he receives a kick in his ass. The Goddess Parvati is satisfied for humiliating her slave today.The third scene of this clip shows how the slave masturbates as soon as he arrives home by thinking addictively at the Mistress’ round ass and he was humiliated to drink her fluids. He still feels her taste in his mouth and all of this cumulative sensations make the slave cum a lot. He finished in his hand and he shows to the camera how much sperm he ejaculated, because he previously had to abstain himself from cumming.

Shit Sandwich Al’ Tina Blade

Tina Blade is paying me a visit, and we have a real shit eater here today. He have just finished a “meal” that I served him, and Tina comes running telling me she needs to shit. So the toilet must just get in position again. Tina start shitting a lot, and the toilet misses a lot of the shit. I am not to happy about this, so I get a spoon for Tina to start feeding him with the shit on the floor. But it goes slow, and he is struggling. So I get a sandwich from the kitchen, and Tina places her shit in between the pieces of bread. So now he can manage eating on his own. He gets very thirsty, so I get a glass and I pee in it so that he has something to drink with the sandwich, so does Tina. So he should be very appreciative that we take such good care of him, and feed him like we do.



Close Up Poo Show

Well……a beautiful close up of me Pooing…a big hard Poo. It was so hard my asshole went so wide 🙂 … I needed help to video this to get you close to the action……enjoy 😀