Girlfriend Shits During Sex

Mistress Annalise – Eat Big Shit

My toilet and my slaves always agree to serve me, licking my legs and my ass. I like to mock slaves and let them know that they mean nothing to me and should serve only as a thing, a rug, a litter for his Mistress. In the end, as always, I spend the most humiliating and pleasing to the slave action. I fill his mouth with shit, which comes directly from the source and flows through his dirty face. Eat a lot of shit. Eat more than you can imagine. After all, you are an ordinary human toilet.

Messy Poo In Dollar Tree!

I’m on vacation and I have to take a really big poo while I’m next door shopping but they don’t have a restroom so I run to Dollar Tree next door and almost don’t make it to the toilet but I do. I take a really nasty messy yellow poo that smells so bad I feel bad for the person that comes behind me!

Toilet Slaves Under The Pooping Table (whole Movie)

The Girls used both Slaves first for their Feet Necessities and then the Shitting started. 5 Girls were way over their Heads. Puking and moaning resulted of the large Poop Releases. English Subtitles