Girls Accidentally Pooping Themself

In My Panties Cracked – Come And Lick It Clean With Me

Today I had once again the extreme demand in my panties to shit. It makes me extremely horny when I think about how you watch me doing it as I press the thick sausage through my panties. So reward you may lick naturally with me together the dirty panties smeared with shit clean.

Mason Jar Mess

A fan wanted to taste me, so I made a special treat for him. Now I don’t know how to can tomatoes or anything like that, but I sure can fill up a mason jar with hot piss and some super soft and stinky shit! My cameraman really earned his cut with this clip as he got super close! You will think you can smell it he was so close to my hole when the shit was coming out!!! Best of all, you get to finish the clip with a long, slow close-up view of the jar from bottom to top and see just how much shit I packed in for my lucky, hungry fan.

Schoolgirl Pooping Joi

The huge text in the free preview/GIF is NOT in the video. I walk in, wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit and tell you that I found some videos on your computer, d_ddy. Some videos of women…pooping. Do you watch them while you masturbate? Well, if you can admit it, I suppose I can too. They really turned me on, and I masturbated to them too. Have you ever seen a girl shit in real life? No? Do you think it would make you cum really hard? Because I want to make you cum really really hard. I sensually strip down to just my schoolgirl skirt while giving you jerk off instructions. Then I finally shit for you, telling you just how to stroke your cock to it. I masturbate over my big pile of shit and eventually cum all over it while begging you to cum too. We both have the most intense orgasm of our lives over my shit. Then I blow you a kiss and tell you we should do this again sometime.