Girls Bursting To Piss

Pissing And Farting

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Diva Staxxx’s Labor Day Fudge!!

It’s Labor Day!! My girl Diva Staxxx’s is back with a nice set of splacks from that 60 inch shit shooter of hers!! Enjoy as she spreads that mega booty as wide as she can to let the fudge slide out. Only thing is when you have as much ass as Goddess Staxxx does, it’s never enough!!! She got so much ass she needs help!! What I wouldn’t give to be in there with her when she takes one of her morning loads. Four great scenes from different angles and perspectives. The faces this woman makes while dropping her wet loads is so damn sexy!!! Enjoy one of my favorite chocolate asses dropping bombs!!

Just Cool Shit And Piss! Kv-ns Saving Clip!

KV-NS saving clip! Here you can see how I just cool shit and piss! That is, here you see that sexy – shit and piss scene from my extremely perverse Video: Brown-thunderstorm for the toilet slave!