Girls Cant Hold Poop Any Longer

Mistress Gaia – His First Bowl Of Scat-

Today I have a new slut that wants to be my scat toilet slave. I’m going to instruct him in the behavior expected from a toilet slave. One of the first things he must learn is obedience. So with him on his knees kneeling in front of me, I order him to lick my boots. I want to see his tongue working and making sure he cleans them properly. I then get him to lick and suck my stiletto heels, they may be used to discipline him later. He’s doing not too badly for a learner, and as I push his face into my beautiful ass, I allow him the luxury of smelling the aroma of my farts. I then remove my panties and get him to smell them. What a lucky slut he is. I continue with his training, placing a bowl on the floor and getting him to observe my relieving myself. As he looks on I’m sure he is very keen to enjoy his next snack. I hand him the bowl, and tell him to hold it close to his face and smell the aroma of my delicious shit. However, he must not eat any of it just yet. As a reward for his good progress, I allow him to play with his cock. At the same time, he is holding the bowl near his mouth with his other hand and thinking about licking his first taste of my shit. As I show him my pussy, my slut cums in his hand. I tell him to keep hold of his mess, and go and clean himself. Then he will return and finish his first bowl of scat…

Kv And Ns Savings Clip, With Contessa And Rosella! No.2

Here you can see only the hot scenes, where Contessa Calucci and I, a slave, extremely shit in the mouth as well as piss, from the 19 minute full movie: 2 Ladies fill a toilet slave with shit, piss, snot and sperm!

Watch Me Piss And Shit On My Pretty Boytoys! – Full Movie

Boy, am I in a nasty mood tonight! So I called in my boy toys and made them strip and wear blindfolds. So I made those pathetic creatures lick my feet! I spit on their mouths and they don’t even complain! So I shoved their faces on my ass and rubbed my cheeks on them! Next, I took my panties off and made them lick my cunt and asshole!

Shit For Kink

Kink takes a quick poo and then queefs for good measure