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Goodness Grace’s Funky, Corny Pile!!

I Swear corn + Goodness Grace = wonderful shits!! Looks like Goodness Grace is cranking up another classic load!! Enjoy as she gets down on the floor and spreads her legs as the pile just slides out her ass!! As she had been holding this for two days, this was GREAT relief for Goodness Grace. Looks like Corn finally did the trick to get her bowels moving!! Another Great FUNKY load for your purchase immediately!!

Mob Boss Loves Shitting And Pretty Girls! – Part 2

He grabs the second girl and makes her suck his cock. He face fucks the girl roughly, making her feel like the whore that she is.

Scat Sweetie’s

Good Ole Spinach! Scat Sweetie must have had a whole bag of Spinach to herself!! Enjoy as I record her as she takes a massive Green Dump!! Nearly 10 minutes of Ploptastic action!! She Starts out with a nice streaming pee before getting to dropping off her Green Logs!!! Just when she thinks she?s done, I point out to her there is still another little turd stuck in her butt. Watch as she fingers it out and then decides to smear it on my leg!! We just love being silly!! Thanks for my green treat babe!!

Teasing Poop Vol. 3

I was too lazy to go to the bathroom so I grabbed a bed protector and started letting it go while watching Resident Evil: Afterlife. Oh my goodness I pissed so much it is unbelievable. A poop was starting to come and I knew I had to put in some work and felt so big when I started to push it out. Sitting in the wet spot felt weird so I turned the bed protector around then slowly began teasing the poop out of my tight little asshole.