Girls Caught Poop

Mistress Gaia – Good Luck

My human toilet is very lucky, his Mistress is having lunch while he’s licking my boots, I’m so good that when I finished eating, even for him it’s time to eat, I will serve him a really fresh and fragrant lunch.

Licking Shit For Daddy

I’m a dirty shit slut. I will do anything for daddy even suck my shot for him. Watch me shit out a thick log then suck my hard shit for daddy. I talk dirty the whole time imagining my hard shit is daddy’s big cock covered in my shit.

Blindfolded Slave Eats Piss & Shit! – Full Movie

This apprentice slave is in the thick of training and right now he’s learning how to suck it up and take whatever’s coming to him. His teacher, the sexy mistress, is testing his limits now as she sits on his face and makes him eat her cunt real good. She places him under the portable toilet, squats on it, and shits and pisses right into his face, commanding him to eat it. Still not content with what she already gave him, she leans over his face and spits into his mouth, giving him his dessert.

Pretty Schoolgirl Scats On A Human Toilet – Full Movie

She’s on her way home when she felt the need to unload some smelly scat! Unable to hold it in, she enters a public restroom. The human toilet is ready and waiting for someone to shit on his face. She sits over the hole and out comes a solid, smelly chunk of scat! The human toilet takes it all in his willing mouth!