Girls Caught Pooping Outdoor

Enslaved Client Drinks Piss! – Part 1

At the end of their show, these strippers go back to their dressing room where they are then met with a customer! Before he could state his intention, they cuff his hands and then render him unconscious! After which, they brought him to a secluded room where they then wake him up and hand him a glass of their piss! From the smell alone, he knows what they have offered him, but knowing that he is in a disadvantageous positions, he is left with no choice but to drink! After he gulped the last drop, he is laid on his back on the floor and then one of the sweethearts sits on his face!

Nanny Controls Adult Baby! Full Movie

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The Drinker

Miss Cherie brings her new living toilet to the girls school, what excites her classmates. Chantal has to pee and takes this opportunity to relieve herself. The slave swallows the whole load completely.Then also clears Miss Jane her bladder directly over the receptive slaves skull. All Girls torment him with their high heels and Lady Chantal thanks for his work with a few heavy kicks to his balls