Girls Desperate To Pee

Secretary Enslaves Nasty Boss! – Full Movie

Inside the office, he’s the boss and she’s the secretary slave. Outside the office, it’s a different story. He’s the one all tied up in her private dungeon, a slave to her whims. With his hands and legs binded to the cross, he is helpless as she whips him into submission. She transfers him to the portable toilet, where she sits above his face and shits right on him. To cap it all off, she lets her friends in on the fun and lets them take turns shitting and peeing on his face!

Slaves For The King And Queen Of Feces

Very worship of the king and queen, the slave lick master’s feet, the queen sitting in the body of the slave. Slave to open your mouth, the king sprayed urine in the slave’s mouth

Something Pooped From Goat Stool Of

when THAT would not come out … then … then I would have burst the ass! you not believe? But hey .. look for yourself how much there is out of my ass .. then you understand my fear 🙂 about to burst