Girls Drinking Other Girl Piss

Girl Anya. Shit 7

Close-up pee and shit in a cup.

Dine And Dump

This was my first dine and dump clip ever! It’s me eating a sandwich followed by a POV shit and rectal temperature taking. This clip is slightly discounted because only the last approx. 8 minutes are actual toilet action. I start off wearing a sexy revealing white v-neck t-shirt and white underwear eating a ham and cheese sandwich. While I eat, I tell you about my last bowel movement in detail. I also describe other bowel movements i’ve had recently, what makes me need the toilet, what makes me fart etc. Lots of general toilet talk as I eat my sandwich, followed by a bunch of red grapes. Red grapes make me fart and need the toilet really badly! Once i’ve finished eating I wash it all down with water before heading to the bathroom to get rid of what I just ate. I set the camera down below my ass nice and close so you can see my tight little asshole pushing all the shit out. I start pushing and a very large pile of light brown, soft shit comes out. I show you the pile, then I wink and flex my asshole a little before sticking a rectal thermometer in. I take my temperature (in Celsius), reading it out and showing you the dirty tip of the thermometer. Then I wipe, leaving a big streak up my ass crack and wink it a little more before signing off.

From Teasing Ass Hole To Eating From It

Godess need to empty her stomach today but before anything else she love to dominate me and humiliate me. She use my mouth to satisfy her pussy and ass then she fill my mouth with her divine pee and shit.

Public Shits And Misses!!

We still have a little trouble with our aim in public!! Enjoy as We go take shits in a public toilet at the Library. Dumping Darling goes first. She lets off a runny shit in the bowl reverse Kanga Style. Then I pass the Camera to her and proceed to piss and shit all over the toilet seat and floor!! Another great Public Mess from the best two at it!! Plenty of Shits, and Even more Misses Indeed!!!