Girls Drinking There Own Piss

Anna Maria Using My Toilet

I have just been out for a dinner with Anna Maria, and we arrive at the apartment. The slave is where he is supposed to be. Waiting to be at service in any way it pleases us! Anna Maria had a lot to eat and drink, and she needs to use the “toilet” so the slave is told to get in position. She tries very hard to feed him with her shit at first, with no luck, In the end she gives the slave a taste of what she had to drink tonight! So there will be no food for him tonight!

Scatfest! – Part 4

They sit on the chair and unload huge chunks of shit on his face! Then they drown his face with warm piss!

Big Shitting In The Toilet

Girl pooping a lot on the tile in the bathroom. there is a desire to eat sweet sticky poop

Humiliating My Scat Bitch!

One of my scat bitches asked me to send him my delicious poop so I made a video of me shitting out a hard turd for him. Come and watch as I humiliate him and order him to eat all of my sweet shit, I call him my scat bitch and all kinds of names…turned me on actually! 😉