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Car Journey Desperation

Sophia is on her way home following some meetings. She’s had lots of coffee and tea and desperately needs to wee. Unfortunately for her, she’s still about 3 miles from home and stuck behind slow moving traffic. When she finally does get home, she runs up the stairs to the toilet and after getting her jeans and thong down, plops onto the toilet to get relief. Aaahhh…

Sandys Control P4

It seems that the toilet slave can not swallow the shit from Lady Sandy any more. Now she decides that the slave has to stick the hole bunch of shit into his mouth and so he continues with cleaning the flat. After a while he has to put his clothes on and together with Lady Sandy he goes outside still the bunch of shit in his mouth.

Shitting In Panties

Betty is shitting and filling her sexy panties with lot of shit. Then she puts her dirty panties in her mouth.

Fucked With Dildo Bekackten

Come sweet times I’ll show you what Versautes. To look at me like I just bekacke my dildo and fuck me with it as well. Unfortunately, I had your dick not here I would have shit on him.