Girls Eat There Own Shit

Desperation At The Mall She Shits On The Floor!

She was strolling at the mall when her stomach starts to grumble painfully. She hurried to the restroom for an emergency shat but the toilet is out of order! Unable to hold back her shit, she sits on the floor and lets it all out! She searches desperately in her shopping bag for some tissue and then wipes her bottom with it. She also wipes the shit off the floor too.

Caviar – Come Lick Me Clean

Your wish it was that I my body with shit bechmiere so you can sscön lick it clean. Then you’ll Dreckssau small and free my body from the fresh shit.

Mistress Gaia – Encourages You To Cum

Mistress Gaia is presented to you as an angel, sweet and seductive: turns to you, who are in Her presence, inviting you to masturbate at the glance of her perfect body. When you will have worshiped your Goddess, She will offer you the gift of Her divine shit and you will have to concentrate yourselves on it, forgetting everything around you…