Girls Eating Cat And Piss

I Have To Shit My Cleaning Bitch In The Mouth

I decide when I shit in the mouth. Today my cleaning whore must believe in it. Especially if I’m dissatisfied with the performance. He does not do his job properly. I’ll shit in his mouth so long from today, until he finally learns to clean properly. Believe me, he hates that but I do not care. I shit on him in the truest sense of the word. No, not on him but in him! The whole thing is even increased. Of course, I expect him to swallow everything! I put his head together with my shit in a garbage bag. Then he must either swallow quickly or choke on my shit. But I do not care too much!

Mason Jar Mess

A fan wanted to taste me, so I made a special treat for him. Now I don’t know how to can tomatoes or anything like that, but I sure can fill up a mason jar with hot piss and some super soft and stinky shit! My cameraman really earned his cut with this clip as he got super close! You will think you can smell it he was so close to my hole when the shit was coming out!!! Best of all, you get to finish the clip with a long, slow close-up view of the jar from bottom to top and see just how much shit I packed in for my lucky, hungry fan.

First Time Scat Splatter Iphone/ipod

Black big booty bbw Jamila is lactose intolerant and splatters the boys face with a messy dump.