Girls Eating Cow Shit

A Quick Shit Is Meal For The Slave

It is time for me to have some fun with my slave. I am visiting him, and he needs to eat to.I need to take a shit, and that means it is his lucky day! He will get fed today!I take a huge dump into his toilet mouth, and he need to chew and eat it all!

Aria’s Lost Nuggets!!

Enjoy a nice three clip set as Aria expunges some nice floaters in the bowl!! Enjoy the up close rearview angles in all three clips. A nice set of classics I never put out!!

Acrobatic Pissing

Lexi is on her back then lifts her legs up which Autumn grabs hold off. Lexi starts to pee and Autumn gulps it down and gets her tits pee’d over! Lee then pisses over Autumn and Lexi before the tables are turned. Autumn stands over Lee and pisses on his face. Later in the scene, both girls are fucked and give him a double blowjob.

Busty Amateur Slut Shitting On The Chair

Busty amateur slut shitting on the chair