Girls Eating Own Vomit

Scat Rubberdoll P1

Lady Celine together with a rubber doll. Then she has to shit. A toilet slave lies ready and opens his mouth. Lady Celine pisses and shits in his loo mouth. Then the rubber doll pisses the slave in his mouth. Then Lady Celine sits down again on the toilet seat and pees even more in the mouth of the slave.

Shit In Toilet And Shower

My wife makes shit and washes her ass with shower.

Piss And Shit Factory!

This movie feature the story of 3 slave girls at the piss and shit factory. Human foie gras at it’s very best! See scatology cuisine freshly prepared and ready for serving. A mixtures of both solid and liquid foods with mixed flavors from multiple sources! This is a MUST SEE for anybody that is interested in scatology dining! ***Special Discount ***