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Mouthfuls Of Shit

I washed the shower, and I longed to defecate. By the way, in the bathroom was an empty toilet. I told him to lie down so that I was comfortable shitting in the mouth. I had a lot of shit. You will see from different angles successful my sexy ass. You want to be on the place of my slave? In this video especially for my slaves I shot my long sticky turd. They are really big.

Pee Wetting My Jeans And Bed

Waking up from a nightmare and I feel my bladder is sooo full, but I refuse to go to the bathroom and pee in the bed with my blue jeans on. Just look at the river of pee flowing out of me! Jeans all wet! Bed – pee puddle! Pee soaked and it feels so good – I just wrap myself in the blanket and fall asleep again!

Aria’s Rear Exits!!

Aria brings us up close and personal from a new perspective for her – Directly on the back end of the toilet!! Enjoy watching and hearing as she pees and squeezes out some impressive logs from that bubble butt of hers!! Now I see why she grunts and strains like she does with the Lincoln Logs coming out of that juicy booty!!