Girls Experiment With Pee

Mistress Roberta Face Sitting And Shit In Throat

Mistress Roberta create another story. She was so kinky today and she prove that in this new movie. She call her toilet boy again and order him to sit on the massage table, for a nice massage. Instead, she sit on his face and mouth and take his breath many times until he surrender her. She will keep her toilet in chastity another few months, for a good scat swallowing training. She enjoy to humiliate her slut and she feed him with a mouth gag in his mouth.

My Floor Pee Hole

Princess Nikki is walking around in the apartment with Lien Parker, and she have her “pee hole” lying on the floor. This is “it’s” only task! Lie there and catch the pee whenever she need to relive herself! So Nikki keep stopping at the pee hole, and pee a mouth full every now and then! Lien and Nikki just keep walking around, totally ignoring the pee hole! But Nikki really has a lot today. So eventually she have to stop for a longer pee break. Nikki pee’s more than she have ever done before. It is really a lot of pee! So the pee hole is swallowing liters of piss from me! It is so convenient to have a hole in the ground to just pee into ;). So after having filled her pee hole with her precious pee, she just tell “it” to clean itself! It is not a human, it is just a toilet pee hole!

Come With My Shitting On Toilett

I go normal on the Toilette,you see Candy private in a very sexy Tanga when she shitting and Pissing for you!! You want licking my rosette? I clean the Toilette….

Jessy And Diana At The Hotel With Her Private Toilet Slave P3

Now all the words are said, the Ladys relaxing at the room from the Hotel and the slave has to wait till one of the lady has to pee or poo. The toilet slave for sure swallow all.