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Mistress Roberta – Cbt And Shit Swallowing On A Massage Bench

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Desperate Girls Fight For The Toilet

In the morning.Im going to the toilet when Jessy comes out of her bedroom and we encounter in front of the toilet…Im gonna poop… No,Im going there first! she says.We start fighting.NOt for the first time.IM trying to get to the toilet but nooo,she is the biggest obstacle.Gosh I hate her when she is acting soo stubborn.So many times Im trying to reach the toilet but I just can’t.Neither she can.Then the idea comes to my mind: Let’s make a bet.We gonna hold our poop as long as we can and who poop first is going to clean the toilet for one year…For a whole year?! YES!!! THen the hardest thing comes up.Holding your poop,trying to win the bet without loosing yourself in that struggle.Jessy starts touching herself because she thinks it will help her.Yeah but not exactlyy,, Once you get the rush to poop nothing can make you feel better but releasing it 🙂 … Watch the video,check who is the winner and how messy the toilet got

Couple Of Gorgeous Sluts Kissing Each Other After Shit Eating

Couple of gorgeous sluts kissing each other after shit eating

Pee-easy Gourmet

A nice glass of morning pee is already something very leckeres.Mein friend filled me a whole glass full rather than handed had the rest werden.Tja just as taken with my mouth cunt and then the glass was quite fast even piss leer.Schade it is not been back since had really thirsty.