Girls Farting On Toielt

Caviar, Champagne And Red Berry From Mistress Antonella

Mistress Antonella seats on her throne, she invites slaves to come and lick her boots. Then, she cooks a special meals, with her own Champagne and her caviar, in direct live from her. Then, she cooks caviar and red berry for slaves.

Rubberdoll Sissyfication Part 3

Your Rubberdoll Sissyfication Torture will soon peak and you too, slavery. But still you are bound Hogtied, defenseless and enjoy the breath reduction with gas mask, until I dip your face in a plastic bag full of divine pee and let you gurgle because you can not breathe! Because I want to let you cum, I release your tiny slave cock from the penis cage and put the Magic Wand vibrator again until you tremble at orgasm! [Domina Lady Vampira – SM Studio Femdom Empire]

Reality Tv Show Pissing & Shitting! – Part 6

The men will decide which shit was the tastiest and whose ass is the best. Right now they are having such a hard time deciding who will actually win the show.

Bitchy Students Gang Up On New Girl And Makes Her Shit! Part 2

They push her face towards the floor and makes her eat her own shit! Then they make her lie down right on top of the mess so her body will be smeared with scat! They take out a mop, wiped it on the floor, and then wiped the shit-filled rag on the poor girl!