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Husband Drinks Piss And Plays With Feces!

After a long day at work, this woman comes home aroused! So the first thing that she does as soon as she sees her husband is drag him to the comfort room where she proceeds to take off her lower garments and then urinate inside his mouth! With every mouthful, he swallows! When she couldnÂ’t release anymore, she brings the guy to the living room couch where she orders him to lick her pussy clean! After which, she gets completely naked and then defecates on his hands! When she is finished, she bends over and has the man smear everything all over her body!

Mistress Roberta – Smelly And Tasty Diarrhea For Breakfast-pov

Today i will do for you my toilet slave an smelly and tasty diarrhea even if is not so big will be very tasty so i will sqeeze it out as good as i can not before peeing a bit of course and this is a small but tasty breakfast for today but as always you will not eat if you didnt clean well my ass hole.

Reality Tv Show Pissing & Shitting! – Part 6

The men will decide which shit was the tastiest and whose ass is the best. Right now they are having such a hard time deciding who will actually win the show.

Horrible Boss! Part 4

Between the pain of the ropes in her skin and the pleasure of the vibrating wands in her pussy and his fingers fucking her anal hole. She screams in both pain and delight as she reaches her multiple orgasms!