Girls Have Sex When Shitting

Mistress Roberta – Feeding You From Dog Bowl-pov

Today i took my leathe legings on, i start to fart in your face and nose and after the farting teasing i decide to feed you in the dog bowl with an little plastic spoon so first i pee a bit and after i poop a nice portion of shit with more colours, strong and creamy in the same time, delicious and smelly, the kind of shit you prefere to play in your mouth with so enjoy and bon apetit.

Birdview Shitfeeding Part1

Some ladies are outdoor and her toilet slave are waiting in a hole of these ladies. They sitting together on the lawn and one lady starting to shit in the hole direcly above of the toilet slaves face.

The Piss Bet With The Measuring Cup

A friend of mine bet me that I can not get to drink a measuring cup with my piss empty. ‘m Pissed but not all measuring cup full. Well I get the empty measuring cup with the piss? Show itself simply