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New!princess Mia

The miserable slave has burnt up his dear Lady a lot. She’ll have to punish this naughty jerk. She orders him to lie on the floor, then began to sit on his face and strangle him. Mia turned on a song and danced on the face of a loser, laughed, played on his face, sat down and got kicks from the fact that the worm couldn’t not do anything and only obediently lay with the pulled out tongue. Mia rubbedher holes against the tongue of a slave, groaned and enjoyed his torment. Then she decided to punish him even more harshly. She shitted right into the face of a pig, laughed and laughed at how helpless and insignificant this slave was. He couldn’t not do anything, but just to lie and gasp … Then she capturedhim on video, poked his dirty face into a puddle of urine and shit and laughed at him, she orders him to lick all the tasty things that she has cooked for this pig.

Jessies Hot Shitty Mess

Jessie is waiting for some friends, but she’s getting hungry. She sets down a blanket, sits by the path and snacks on one of her favourite pastries. She just gets done when she feels the need to poop. Shit!She loks around but before she even gets time to scout a place where she might squat in the bushes, there’s a big, mushy load of poop pouring out into her panties! Oh no!When she presses on the bulge in her panties just to see how big of a mess she’s made, it quickly spreads out over her white cotton panties and squeezed out of the sides of her panties. What a mess! It’s everywhere!But… the hot mess pressing against her pussy and smearing out over her ass DOES feel kinda nice… Jessie strokes her poopy pussy through the dirty cotton panties and she actually begins to feel kinda turned on. She sits down and pulls her panties open to show how the runny shit has spread over her pussy. The mess gets all over her hands, so Jessie wipes them on her ass, getting messier and messier. She’s such a dirty girl! She reaches inside her panties and rubs her pussy with her filthy fingers until she cums right there on the side of the path!She pulls her ruined panties off, exposing her filthy ass, so she can look for somewhere to clean herself up. She leaves them on the side of the road for someone to find!