Girls Pee Movie Mobil

Laundry Basket

I have been a little sick lately 🙁 but feeling much better now and I have a new clip for you guys! Come watch me take a big shit and piss in my laundry basket 🙂 I then give you a very close up look of my scat and I know you wish you could be sinking your teeth into my delicious goodness right bout now…you naughty boy!!!

Your Diarrhea Won’t Stop Me!

A boyfriend is horny. So very horny. When he is told by his girlfriend that she has an upset stomach she expects him not to want sex with her. But this is the last thing on his mind. He continues anyway! He was warned and before long she starts leaking runny scat from her asshole. He stops for a minute while she is unable to hold in her sweet scat. Once she has dumped her load on the bed he resumes his sexual activity filling the air with the smell of sex and sweet scat! ***Special discount***

Dirty Compilation

I’m a dirty slut who loves the smell and taste of shit