Girls Pee Naturejockk

Naughty Girl Shit

How much I love a guy doing the most taboo thing and eating exactly whats gone through my lips and out of me, how I guy adores me that much to consume everything that comes out of me. And the most interesting part of it is seeing how your meal is made right infront of yours eyes…Watch me at my pretty tanned legs and sexy ass, I ask you do you want to see more…I come in close to you and spit right into your face! Thats what you get for staring at my ass now im going to humiliate you..Your looking hott let me give you something to cool you down… I spread my legs and piss all over you. Open mouth loser and eat everything that falls into your mouth! 😉

Fast Shit – Big Impact!

Without much protest, the mistress shits the slave in his mouth. There is no time for the slave to think. The slave swallows everything at the mistress’s command. From the shoe sole of the slave must lick the remaining shit.

Tatsuko Fiber-rich Diet

Proudly showing off a nice, thick poop.