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Shitting While Working Out

Mistress Sophia does leg raises on her workout bench ,then she has to take a huge shit,she does not bother going to the bathroom she shits right from the bench all over the floor, her beautiful smooth ass sticking in the air as her huge turds emerge from her perfect asshole. Then she pees all over the floor and leaves a huge big pile of poop on the floor. Ends with a great close up of her delicious pile of poop warm and fresh

Loong Sausage

Three days feasting and then, after two cappuchinos there was mighty pressure! A nice formed, long sausage I press out with wide spread legs and pet my pussy. There is a second helping and in the end there is again a damn big portion for such a small woman like me! Have fun!

Shit On The Camera, Almost Hit

From the edge of the tub and camera plaziert.kacken under me .. go .. and my pussy cream must also back out of her hole .. Enjoy