Girls Pee Their Panties

Come And Let Your Mouth Piss You Sow – Golden Shower Pure

Come on, you little pig, let me piss you right in your face. Don’t let anything pass and don’t catch it. Then you lick me nice my piss from my nimmersatte pussy clean.

Dominatrix Lady Vampira In Laquer And Leather – Golden Shower

Dominatrix Lady Vampira loves to let a slave, who has succumbed to her power in the SM Studio Femdom Empire, suffer. In several parts of his education, the Sub was allowed to prove to be a worthy servant. He was allowed to lick the mistress’s boots, enjoy the strap on fuck with his asshole, had to endure nipple torture and CBT, ballbusting and bondage. Finally, the Mistress humiliates him with her divine pee and lets the slaves neither watch nor cum!

The Slave’s Plate (hd 720p)

Here is your appetizing dish, a menu baked directly from my wonderful ass, ready for you. Good taste, nice color, abundant, do not you tell me thanks mistress?

Accidental Diarrhea!!!

I just got home and have been holding my poo for a while as I was on a long drive! I get home and there’s someone in the bathroom, OMG!!! I have to GO!!! Well, needless to say…I start to shit myself in my white pants and oh shit, it’s DIARRHEA!!! My pants get all brown with diarrhea as I keep pooping in it, I take it off so you can see the liquid poop coming outta my tight asshole. I also get to play with my pussy a little bit before putting my pants back on…what a mess!!!