Girls Peeing And Not Wanting Too Be Videotaped

Hot Shit

Red lips & a naked bodyÂ…After rubbing oil on my nude body, I put down a striped placemat, turn around and take a humongous shit for you. With latex gloves on, I pick my poo up & mash it around in my hand like Play-doh. (GIF doesn’t represent quality of the video!!! Yezzclips’ uploader makes my GIFS very glitchy and I’m working on fixing that but all my videos are in 1080p HD!!) ***DO NOT REPOST OR REDISTRIBUTE MY VIDEOS!!!***

Shitgames, Our Pleaseure

We are a young couple from Austria, and shiteating is our pleasure…

Public Shit And Piss On The Highway Bridge!

I`m a extremely showing Slut and therefore mostly, I wear no panties, under my dress, and skirt! And because I had just shitting and peeing, I went on a motorway bridge! There I Pissed first a huge amount of piss and then, I have beautiful, pooped. The car and truck drivers could see me and watched me ! Some truck drivers honked when I was doing my business! Seems, they like what they saw!

Water Bottles – 2 Vids In 1

It’s early in the morning and I just woke up, have to get ready for class but first, lemme poop! I take a big shit on some water bottles in my trash can, come back from class and have to poop again!!! Enjoy both clips, very sexy!